Can I Log into Radly through Facebook or Google?

For now, it is not possible to login using your Facebook / Google credentials. By the way, only few information are needed to be part of Radly’s growing community. Just fill the form at https://www.radly.fm/register

Which cars support Radly?

Radly is currently supported by all Toyota and Lexus cars equipped with the InCarHotSpot. Send us an e-mail to support@radly.fm and we will be glad to help you to understand the best solution to allow you to use Radly in your car!

Do I need specific web browser to access Radly portal?

Radly Portal (www.radly.fm) is the platform from where you can manage your favourite radios, and it is accessible from any browser. If you have any problem in accessing the Radly portal, contact us at support@radly.fm

I forgot my Radly login information, how to recover them?

If you forgot your password, activate your password recovery flow at http://www.radly.fm/forgot-password.

If you have forgot also the e-mail you are currently using to login to Radly portal, contact us at support@radly.fm

What radio stations are included in Radly?

Radly supports thousands of radio stations from more than 20 countries. If you cannot find your favourite radio station, access to http://www.radly.fm/add-radio and send a request to add it. Our team will take care of your request as soon as possible!

Can I create a list of my favourite radio stations on Radly?

Sure you can. Accessing Radly Portal, you can add as many radio stations as you want to your favourites list and they will be immediately updated in your car. Just pause and play back Radly to enjoy the new list!

How many times can I change the list of favourites?

It is possible to change your favourites list how many times as you want.

Why my station is not available today?

There are several technical reasons that can lead to a broken station, marked as "Station Unavailable" in the Radly page of your in-car audio system. In order to allow our staff to offer you the best user experience, do not hesitate to report any unavailable station writing us via e-mail to support@radly.fm

Can I be part of the project as a broadcaster even if I do not have an online streaming?

Unfortunately, Radly is a digital technology and can accept only online streaming content. However, if you want to join us, we can support you to create your streaming service. Contact us at support@radly.fm.

Is it possible to record the audio content in order to listen to it at a later stage?

No, Radly is a live streaming content aggregator, and will not allow you to register the content and access to it a later stage.

How is it possible for Radly to be an interference-free experience?

Radly is based on a patented buffering technology that allows you up to 6 minutes of listening in no network conditions.

What are the benefits of joining Radly?

As an end-user you enjoy cost-free and interruption-free listening experience of radios from all around the world. As a broadcaster, Radly will allow you to be in the car of drivers all around Europe, well beyond your air coverage.

Will I get charged any fees for streaming?

No, Radly is completely free of charge, so neither the user neither the broadcasters are charged for streaming use.

Can I request new features?

Yes, if you have any idea of possible improvement for Radly, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to support@radly.fm.

Does Radly use the InCarHotspot connectivity subscription data?

No, Radly is completely zero-rated. That means that you will not consume your InCarHotspot connectivity subscription data listening to Radly.

If you still have some doubts about on how to use Radly, how to access the Radly portal and how to use it, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@radly.fm